he Burren, a great rocky expanse in Ireland's County Clare, is one of the world's truly unique places. Its ancient, awe inspiring stone structures hold secrets from the past that may never be unraveled. Closer to home, The Burren, Irish Pub and Restaurant in Somerville's Davis Square, is now one of Boston's truly unique places. It captures the mythical nature of its namesake with a rich old world feel that takes hold and slowly pulls you toward another time.

Open since January 1996, the Burren's history reaches back farther than that. It is actually the realization of a dream shared by two young Irish musicians, Tommy McCarthy and Louise Costello. Tommy and Louise began playing together nearly 10 years earlier. Today people can gather to enjoy a drink, the warmth of good friends and the excitement of live traditional Irish music, in the Burren, a dream come true. 360
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St. Patrick's Day Variety Show

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The Burren now has WiFi access! Ask your server for details!



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